Thursday, November 29, 2007


"Mommy's been eating ice cream!"

"You are getting sleepy... very sleepy."

"Show me the true-blooded Aggie from Utah. Who doesn't love the place... where the Sagebrush Grows!!"

Ahhh... the Aggie fight song. I don't know our school song, but I know our fight song. Mostly because we get to milk the cow. I sang that one to Liz tonight and she smiled pretty big. She thought her mommy had gone nutters. (Not that she hadn't had that thought on previous occasions.) Other songs she enjoys are The Bunny Hop, The Chicken Dance, YMCA and The Stargate Theme Song. She likes to dance what can I say.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Some thoughts

We got snow. I'm actually thrilled because I hate cold weather that doesn't do anything. I don't mind it when there is moisture because there is a purpose to it being cold.

I ran today! It was so wonderful. It was only a mile, but it felt heavenly. On the second to last lap I felt a good feeling, like I was back with an old friend. I was slow, but that's to be expected. But I ran.

Third thought. Watch Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. It is a beautifully put together movie.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Happy GIS day!

To celebrate GIS day and all things Geographic Information Systems, I'm putting up this lovely remotely sensed imagery of my house. Yup, you guessed which one it is. (Courtesy of Mapquest and Paintshop)

Picture time!

I'm Popeye, the sailor!

I want to eat the camera!

They won't let me eat the camera!

A picture of my hubby. Awesome Ultimate Frisbee Player. No, I will not post a picture of his face on the World Wide Web. Sheesh.

I had to post my husband's wonderful birthday cake. He he. This is as much work as I put into it. (We did top it with some frozen berries though.)


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Parenting workshop

My significant other and I went to a parenting seminar the other day. We learned about discipline and communication in two seperate workshops and then attended a Q & A session with a panel of behavior "experts". (A professor, two master students, and a dad) The best thing I learned was in the communication workshop. We talked about discussing your "Happy" and your "Challenge" at the end of the day. We did it with our partners at the workshop and it made me realize how much I needed to really listen when I ask Josh about his day. Sometimes I just say it just because, but I really need be an active listener.

Marathon Update. I was able to alternate between a walk and a jog and am now regularly walking up "the hill" every day at least once.