Monday, January 12, 2009

The rule of 10 and other adventures

When clutter in my house gets unbearable, I institute the rule of 10.
This rule is simply this, before I can leave a room, I have to pick up 10 things, or clean 10 things.
As easy as this seems, it can get kind of tedious. For example; if I went into the dinning room, I would have to put the cereal away in the cupboard in the kitchen, which would mean I had to do some dishes. Then, to leave the kitchen, I have to enter the dining room again and put away the few dishes left over from breakfast.
Obviously I would only be able to do this game during naptime, or when children are away. Also, exceptions would have to be made for emergencies such as visiting teachers.

Family News/Stuff you don't have to read(Actually, you don't have to read any of this stuff.)

Liz reached her 15 month mark and is still in the 1st percentile for weight. Her other charts are fine, though. Oh well, at least she's consistent.

At the neighbor's house the other day she learned her first toddler phrase, "no no no!!!" (I'd put more exclamation marks, but that might seem overly redundant to you.)

She really likes cookies, and will continue to eat more supper if her stuffed bear has pretended to masticate it first.

Josh is happy and looking for a job for us. He's being careful with who he applies with and makes sure to check that the city has an ultimate frisbee league before he applies. (Just kidding, but it is a bonus.)

I'm still writing Amastrade's Story. That and this blog is what my free time looks like.