Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween 2010

A typical sunset near our house. Let the door knocking begin!

Liz in her costume. I think she wanted to show off her spider ring rather than her costume. We got her wings and wand from a dollar store, and Josh had found the princess dress at one of the many garage sales he and his brother went to this summer. I just had to fix the hem a bit and the dress was good. (She's wearing a green jacket underneath the dress.)

This was waiting in line at a Halloween/we finished a two year road construction project! party. Note the construction cones. The costumes that we saw were great and Josh got to race a riding lawn mower. (For never driving one before, he did pretty good.)

Then we went to a library party where Liz met her friend. Liz was a butterfly princess. She wore that dress the next day for church too.

Perry the Platypus came home for Halloween this year. Oh, and yes, that is Barney the Dinosaur in the background. Josh entered a pumpkin carving contest under the category, "Most likely to get smashed". Unfortunately, someone was more clever and made their pumpkin a pinata with a sign that said, "Candy Inside". It was fun anyway.

This was my first pumpkin that wasn't a generic face. I'm kinda proud of the way it turned out.

This is Liz's Cool Awesome Pumpkin. She used paint and cotton balls.