Friday, August 31, 2007


I've been praying for snow all summer.

Apparently all of you haven't been...

Monday, August 20, 2007

I need a picture

Here's a picture. I'm the one who is cozy on the chair. Two points to whoever can guess what people are doing in a hole in the ground.


Party! It's my birthday! (Sorry, I don't allow alcoholic beverages near my person. You'll have to bring root beer... and pizza while you're at it.)

Implosion Therapy

So, two summers ago I worked at a military training camp as a field technician. As a civilian, I was privileged to see a lot of what goes on behind the scenes of a training camp. I guess some of the guys were bored and offered to take me and the others on my crew rappelling on their tower. Because my fear of heights had been progressively getting worse, I didn't want to participate, but I offered to take pictures of the crew.

Apparently, military people think that everyone should like what they like. They coerced me into climbing the tower and donning their gear. I had a panic attack right there, but somehow didn't go back down the tower. I was probably too embarrassed.

After a very long time up on top of the tower, my body relaxed. My fear came under control enough that I was able to go down the freefall section of the tower. (It's actually the easier side.)

Well, two years later, I came across an explanation for my behavior. I found out why I could overcome this extreme fear and go down even though I was panicking earlier. There's a book called "Worry: Controlling it and Using it Wisely" by Dr. Edward M. Hallowell. It's kind of an older book (in the medical community, things become old fast), however, it has some good stories and explanations for things. Well, I was reading a section on panic and discovered this, "[It is a] biological fact that the body cannot maintain a state of peak anxiety much longer than ninety minutes, after which it runs out of the chemicals it needs to put itself on red alert. Therefore, the high anxiety has to pass, if you can endure it long enough." So, the military guys must have known that they just had to keep me up there long enough before I would rappel down. So, beware the military. They know the mind too well.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Find a sumthin'

I'm a little tired of reading misspelled words, yet the title today is misspelled. What is wrong with me? I guess it's just a reaction to my dream last night. (It involved apes performing "Phantom of the Opera". Creepy.)

So, I'm trying to find a good picture to post that will tickle your fancy. Or mine. Right now it's 4:15 and I'm sitting in the Orem library using my good ole' lappy. I have a mexican jumping bean (a.k.a. egenmay jr. bacon cheeseburger) in my abdomen who is just excited that I'm not running around myself. Besides, she can't wait until we practice our self-hypnosis again. (Hypnobirth. I'll probably talk about it more. In the meantime enjoy this website It will give you proof that I'm not making anything up.)


Friday, August 10, 2007

Good Morning

So, the picture below is of a tiger... or some tigers. Tell me how many tigers you can find.

"The wonderful thing about tiggers is IIII'm the only one!"

Hidden Tiger

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


What's mightier than God and more evil than the Devil? The poor have it. The rich need it. If you eat it, you will eventually die.

I'm not even going to post an answer. Ha ha ha!

(Come on, what's mightier than God?)


Here's a good riddle for y'all.

David’s father has three sons, Snap, Crackle, and…?

(drumroll please)

You know you wanted to say Pop didn't you. Well if you did you're WRONG! The third son's name would be David of course!

Happy Vader

It's still here!

Hey Nobody!

I'm writing in my blog that I completely forgot I even had. Hey, I even forgot how to get to it until I got really bored and looked into my notepad on my Yahoo account. (Just because Google owns this site doesn't mean they own me!) Viva revolsion...


So today I learned about how to not carry a monkey into the U.S. Do not stuff him in your hat. He will eventually give himself away by grabbing your irresistable ponytail.

Ok, so after a year or more Amastrade isn't closer to being done. I think I need to work on it. I mean, Sheesh, I have a laptop now! I could use it! Golly. What am I being bored about...

What was I saying?

Oh yeah, monkeys and beavers are tricky. You never know when they're around. I feel sorry for that grandma who didn't know that and got attacked by the beaver. Silly grandma. You should have listened to your kids.

I love the internet.