Thursday, July 17, 2008

The finer points of cow fodder

I forgot to add the fireworks park of our trip to Yuba. Here you go.

"I'd say it tastes a little Poa pratensis with some picnic on the side."

"I love taste testing grass."

Fourth Pictures

Falling asleep in the water.
So comfy in mom's arms.

"This is my pad." (tent pad)

Discussing the finer points of Mexican Train. (And Josh extends his winning steak to three games in a row.)

I told them I'd post this on the internet. Here it is. I can't remember all of the names, especially the one in the umberella stroller, so help me out. (To avoid embarassment I won't put any of them.)


I'm just going to clairify and add to a couple of things that I said last time. In order...

1. We had our 9 month appointment today. (July 17) Liz is now in the 2 percentile for weight. I'm more than a little worried now. Her other percentiles were good, though (62% length and 77% head circumference). The doctor didn't seem worried. He asked me if she was active and interacted with us and other people, which she does. He called her slim and didn't dwell on it.

2. Josh wanted me to edit the blog from last time. He wants me to say that he is working part-time with Primerica. I got a lot of negative responses after I posted that we might call some of you, so forget it. We won't talk to family/friends unless you ask us. I guess I sounded too much like a solicitor which I was trying not to do.

3. Gums still look like cheese. Last time I got blue rubber bands for my braces. Yey! Blue! Some of you asked why I got braces. It wasn't for aesthetic purposes, but because my teeth were so crooked, we were trying to prevent some horrible things that probably were going to happen to my jaw. Plus, it will be easier to chew when these torture devices come off.

I had corn on the cob, off the cob. I know that when I get these braces off I'll appreciate those kinds of food more. Especially caramel which I crave every day.

4. nothing here

5. nothing new here

6. I loved what they did with Rose and the Doctor in the last one. Yet, the Doctor is still alone. It's a bittersweet ending. If you find any other good sci-fi shows let me know.

Genny, remember this one?

Everyone else here's something silly.

7. No contract yet, not complaining.

8. Thank you thank you thank you everybody who offered to give us a bumper! We ended up picking one up from Tori's house. No feet dangling in the mornings anymore! Yey!

9. I haven't played the video game in a while.

10. I'm going to post some more pictures for y'all. (Hey, I have a number 10!)