Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lint and wrinkles

I've been doing an... experiment I guess you could say. When we lived in Logan we had a gas dryer. When we moved to Riverdale, there were no gas hookups anywhere. Only electric. So, about eight months later, we still didn't have a dryer. We saw one on Freecycle and went for it. A 20 dollar cord and an online repair manual was all it took. I've found out a lot about laundry. Here goes.

1. Lint is an awful enemy.
2. Cold days just tend to freeze wet underwear.
3. Planning ahead is vital if you want to wear that favorite shirt.
4. Letting a toddler help hang up wet socks is fine... if your floor is clean enough.
5. You can save tons on gas bills, but if you don't hang the clothes up fast enough, you'll have to waste energy ironing them anyway.
6. Don't overload the washer.
7. Softener doesn't really help that much with the lint problem.
8. Washing machines get dirty fast.
9. Walmart curtain rods don't hold as much laundry as Lowes curtain rods.
10. I'm grateful that I have a washer.

I'll still be hanging up most of my wash.

Sorry about the boring post. The next one will be thrilling and nail-biting and you won't get much sleep afterwards.