Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Last Week in Logan

The last drive through the canyon. (As a resident.)
The last walk to the library and back.
The last wonderfully cool evenings.
The last free bus ride.
The last cross country skiing expedition to Jardine Juniper.
The last jog to the water lab down the canal trail.
The last feeding the ducks at first dam.
The last free bread samples for me at Lee's Marketplace.
The last free sucker for Liz at Lee's Marketplace.
The last squeaky cheese from Gossners.
The last frisbee thrown on the Quad.
The last Sunday walk down 500 East.

The first step to a new life.
The first meeting with new friends.
The first exploration of a new world.
The first testing of new things.
The first building up of new communities.
The first camping in new canyons.
The first of living life where you are living.