Monday, June 23, 2008

News and stuff

Hi peoples.

I haven't posted in a while, but that's ok. I'm sure you will survive.
Plenty has happened in the time that I haven't written. Here are ten things.

1. Liz has grown bigger and has started eating more. Hopefully the next time we go to the doctor she won't be down in the 7th percentile for weight.

2. Josh has gotten into a company that helps people get out of debt. It's called Primerica. It's been pretty good for him. He's always enjoyed numbers. He has to practice on people, so you might get a phone call. Or you could call us if you're interested. They do sell life insurance, mutal funds, etc, but that's not really their primary interest in talking to people.

3. I got some of these...

and my gums look like cheese. I'll have them on for about 18 months, so chances are that you'll see me with them before I get them off. Then I get to wear a retainer every night. The orthodontist says that part of the problem was because I have a strong muscle in my lower lip. I guess I give it enough exercise! (chuckles)

Let's see, what else has happened...

4. I'm probably going to go to a part time student for a while because...

5. stress and other things has been too much for me last semester. After I had Liz, I had a tough winter. I went to a depression screening at school and was diagnosed with severe depression. Luckily, our school has therapists who were able to help me with it. I found out the hard way how our chemistry effects us.

Oh, that reminds me. I was going to upload some info I got from my councilor. I suspect others could benefit from it as well. I'll write that on my "to do" list for this week.

Ok, now I'm just babbling. Um... oh yeah, so I've had a few embarrassing breakdowns (Katie has been present for one of them), but I'm doing better. Sunshine helps, sleep helps (har har) and it also helps that I've begun to reassess my goals in life.

6. What else... Genny got me hooked on Dr. Who. Thank you Genny. (Luckily, our library has them on dvd!)

7. Hmmm... I'm getting low on news. Um... oh yeah, our landlord/landlady still hasn't written us up a new contract. We've been living here for a month without any contract. I don't know what that means, but we'll still pay our rent.

8. Liz keeps getting her feet caught in the slats of her crib and waking up crying. Anyone know where I can find just the crib bumper without having to buy the entire blanket-sheet-n'everything set?

9. I got a new video game by trading in some older ones that we never played. It's not a newly released game, but new to me. The new game is called Marvel Ultimate Alliance. You get to play as a group of superheros. (Only Marvel characters.) The fun thing about it is that you get to pick which characters you want on your team. My team has Spiderman, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, and Storm. Josh had Wolverine, Spiderman, Ms. Marvel, and Thor. We go around saving the day.

10. Ok, so that last one meant I was running low on ideas. I don't have anything new for this one.

The End.

Photo montage

No caption needed.
"Good lunch."
"My sonic screwdriver! I love my sonic screwdriver." (That was for you Genny.)
Hard at work

At grandma's house

Goin' postal
"Bye mom and dad, I'm off to grandma's house."