Sunday, November 30, 2008

Online baby games


It's be a long time since I have written anything. I've been doing dishes. Seriously, how do those things pile up? I think they breed at night after I've gone to bed.

Family news.

Liz is still in the 1st percentile for the weight category. Every time she doesn't eat a good dinner, it makes me nervous. ("Here Liz shove a few more crackers in there...") However, she's happy and active. It's funny to watch her learn to walk. She'll take some steps and then fall over. She can't really catch herself that well with her arms, so she usually face plants it if she falls forward. Any advice of how to teach her that prayer time is not a time to jabber?

This week is Josh's last week of classes for his master's degree. He has one more semester of... well of... important stuff. I think it has to do with being in a cubicle...

This year's pumpkin pie turned out nice. Our pumpkin had enough for four yummy cake pans of pie. Well, we haven't made the last pie yet. Our blender gave up the ghost/motor on the last one, so we have to wait until we get a new blender so we make more pie.

Me? Well, I'm doing dishes. Singing the old dishes lament. Give me laundry any day, if I can skip the dishes. I'm also writing my story. Still. I'm making a goal of getting at least a chapter a day finished. Wish me luck.

Wow, I realized that I didn't even write about online baby games. Here's an address for some online baby games.

Saturday, November 01, 2008


obligations require me to post this... (see sista a)


Numero uno.
Wearing my old clothes until people on the street give me handouts because of the state they're in. (I'm just kidding by the way. I've never recieved a handout yet.)

Numero two..o.
Doodling in my notes. Or during church. (I need to keep my hands busy to pay attention better.)

Numero numero
Toilet paper has to be over the top. I have to change it if it's different. Even at other people's houses. He he.

I really can't think of six right now.

8? things...

8 T.V. shows: Um... Dr. Who, Stargate, Startrek, Samurai Jack (Canceled before we found out what happened to him), Invader Zim ("Piggy!"), National Geographic Explorer, Monk, Aaaaaannndddddd... wow number 8 is hard to think of... first show that comes to mind... Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers. Wait, no, I've got it! Avatar: Last of the Airbenders. (You find out what happens in that one.)

8 Things I did yesterday: Trick or Treateded twice (That counts as two.), vacuumed le house, watched a really scarey episode of Dr. Who with Josh that I know scared him because we cuddled and he tensed up on the really scarey parts but he wouldn't let me know he was scared but he said it was a scarey movie and this sentence it a runon on purpose I hope you know, dressed up like a jedi for the third year in a row, got Liz a free balloon at the DI, that's only five, um, ate three meals, constructed Josh's lightsaber for him, danced the bunny hop.

8 things I'm looking forward to: 1. sleeping tonight 2. sacrament meeting 3. Josh's job search. It's kind of exciting to see what's out there. 4. getting a new mattress 5. pumpkin pie 6. moving. I like to get rid of my stuff. 7. getting these braces off

8 things I wish for:
1. I'm pretty happy right now.
2. World Peace.