Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The REAL first post... not the fake one.

I like to hear myself type. That is why I do it. I create songs that I sing along to in my head. It goes like this. Type type clickly cliklddyyte. Uh oh... I resorted back to the typing instruction days.
Well, today was an enormous day. I went running. Not just running... Running! You know with the runners high and the great feeling of relief when your pacer says that they are done and don't want to sprint in the end. Yeah.
Then, I panicked. I realized that I'm the first person presenting in a class that I don't even like. How am I supposed to impress the teacher when I don't want to impress her.
Then, I felt good about myself. I made cookies and shared them with people. ARen't I nice? Don't you wish that you had a freshly baked cookie. Yeah... me too, but I'm stuck at the computer lab writing a pointless blog that nobody will read.

oh, that is what they meant by title

This is my blog... What is a blog! I have no idea. I was just trying to write something somewhere else and I got sucked into making a blog!!
Crap... Now what?
How do I get back to that other website?