Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Running Continued

So, I haven't written about running in a bit, I thought I'd do it some more. It's amazing how fast you go through shoes when your mileage gets higher. Right now I'm on 12 miles. I never thought I would say that running eight miles is a short run. It's crazy fun. My training goes something like this.

Monday is a easy mileage, hard hills day.
Tuesday I rest.
Wednesday is a easy mid-mileage day.
Thursday I rest.
Friday I rest.
Saturday is a very high mileage day.
Sunday I rest.

Repeat same mileage the next week, then push it up the week after that.

Anyway, I need new shoes. I went to a running specialty store where they scanned my feet with cool pressure sensors, measured my stride and foot length. I am a size 8 on my left and a size 8.5 on my right. I have high arches and need extra cushioning for the front of my foot. Well, I didn't buy a shoe at that time. (Nice shoes are expensive.) I would never consider buying any other type of shoe for that kind of price except for running shoes. Meanwhile, I'm hoping my current shoes will hold out until I can get new ones.