Monday, December 21, 2009

Next holiday

Merry Christmas to MEEEeEEEE! (Please excuse the food particles, I haven't brushed after lunch yet.)

Ogden has a cool Christmas Village where you could peek through the windows and see Santa's elves or snowmen or something cool like a train one of the houses had Santa himself, and Liz sat on his lap. Without crying or looking to me for help. The candy cane he gave her was neat too. It had a little bell and a candy reindeer attached to it. She was ringing it all weekend. After this we went and watched someones lights which were blinking in time to music. There was one song set to the Beach Boys "Good Vibrations" only it was "Decorations". It was fun to get out and do something Christmas.

Just a reminder of the season.

Aghhh look out!

Thanksgiving 09' Blanding, Utah Abajo/Blue Mountains

The amazing thing to me was that Josh's foot was broken and his knee is still injured, yet he climbs up the wall like a gecko.

Grandma's lap was a pretty popular place.


"Mom, I think we should move to Vegas!"

"Bleep Bloop. You house does not have sufficient energy to sustain this robotic life form. I must seek out sugary substances so I can grow and conquer the world. Bleep Bloop."

Picture 1. We went to Walmart a couple of days after Halloween and bought some wigs for 20 and 30 cents. Liz loves them.
Picture 2. Inspired by other box creations, we built Liz a robot costume for Halloween.