Friday, August 21, 2009

Good Message

Sometimes I like having a goal I can call my own, and sometimes I like to hear about others who are doing it too. This made my day.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wedding Photos

He wanted to go down the aisle too. Only not in the traditional sense.

You can see the pier and stuff in the background.

You gotta love babies.

This is a hold up.

Cute couple

Hyrum always looks good dressed up.

Madi kept Liz entertained during rehearsal.

Sorry these are out of order. I kept deleting them by accident and didn't want to mess with them anymore.

I have some good pictures of everybody's kids/family photos. I hope I got everybody. If you want them, I'll email them to you.

Beheaded Chicken July

Take me out to the ball game!
Laurie Berkner, eat your heart out. (This refers to the "boots" song.)

We are worn out from July.
Here are some things that went on.

4th and surrounding activities. We were going to go to Blanding, but had to make some hard decisions. We ended up celebrating here and doing the 5k run/walk.

Pope reunion 24th. We all had a grand time hearing stories from Grandma and Grandpa Pope. It was also good seeing mom and dad, and Edward and Krystal. It was also close to Midway, which just happened to have a 10k.

Michael's wedding in California. All stress aside, this was a very hormonal trip. Josh's best friend from high school who he had always relied upon was getting married that Friday while Michael's wedding was the Saturday. I drove down with Liz to Mesquite, which was kind of hard considering Liz can't stay still to watch morning cartoons, much less 5.5 hours in a car pretty much with herself for company. We ended up making many stops and singing "five little monkeys" the whole way.

Thankfully, a great heroine, my neice, rode with us the next day which saved my sanity and allowed Liz to take a nap too! That evening, we had a nice dinner with the wedding party.

The next day, my family graciously watched Liz while I went to pick up Josh from the LAX, it was good to see him. I hope Liz was good for the people who watched her, but she seemed happy. My sisters and mother had gotten manicures while I was gone and I guess they felt bad because they got me a new dress. (It really is great guys, thanks.) After the wedding, we got some ice cream and then went to Trader Joe's! Yee haw! We got some nuts, not as if we weren't already nutty. Then we went to the reception. They had a candy bar for the kids, I ate more than Liz did, though. Liz wanted to dance so badly that I'm afraid she went against custom and tried to be the first dance. I felt bad for Michael, because he was exhausted, just recently having knee surgery. We then drove to Whittier to a good friends house.

We went to church in the morning. I really miss morning church, Liz was good. She went into their nursary and didn't look back, didn't cry, loved it. We had dinner with our friends then went to a condo where my family was staying.

I ran on the boardwalk 13 miles. The last mile, I ran along the beach and then jumped into the ocean. I owe not being sore the next day to that. We went to Channel Islands visitor center and learned about the islands and vowed to come back sometime to visit the whales. We said goodbye to my family and then took a long route out of California. We stopped at some fruit stands and got some yummy oranges, strawberries, peaches, and grapefruit. Luckily, they didn't stop us for exporting anything. Hee hee. We were going to camp somewhere in St. George, but we didn't get far enough and we stopped in Mesquite for the night. It was great to have a bed. (We're still looking for one.)

I drove home. The theory was that Josh could get some work done. He ended up falling asleep with Liz in the back. To his credit, he did work for about 40 minutes and I made him drive the last bit.

The stressful part of this was that we are closing on a house right now and if any of you know how we make purchases, it takes alot of time and effort for anything above $50.

Pictures coming