Saturday, June 22, 2013

A past due random thought post.

I've been a little concerned lately about my brown thumb.

I know many of you will try to reassure me by saying, "Um, you're a little busy raising children."  I'm still a plant murderer though.  I still bought these things thinking that they would live a full and complete life.  For example, I planted four small rows of carrots thinking we would get quite a large crop of carrots.  No, only four have sprouted.

Maybe it's God's way of saying.  "Don't get so proud.  Sure you and your husband make the most adorable children on the planet, but you can't get carrots to grow."

The same goes for my grass.  I've done everything grass experts (yes there are grass experts) tell me and use all of the pseudo-knowledge that I learned in class and the only place the grass is green is in my garden.

At least my compost is going.  I can take comfort in knowing that I can turn perfectly good plant matter back into dirt.

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